Born in le solliat

The brand, founded in 2017, originates from Vallée de Joux, a region known for its expertise in traditional Swiss watchmaking, dating back to 1740. The natural surroundings of the lake and forests have greatly influenced the watchmakers’ over the past centuries. David Candaux is dedicated to preserving this rich heritage and merging it with modern technology and science.

high horology

An art and a science


When imagining our timepieces, aesthetic and ergonomic choices had an impact on the design of the movement, which is totally innovative and protected by several patents. Our magic crown, containing 31 components, is a world first.

Mechanical excellence

With chronometric precision in mind, we chose to make our movements in natural titanium. Our flying tourbillon, inclined at 30° to its base, is mounted on a ceramic ball bearing inclined at 3° to the case. This double inclination and the presence of the remontoir ensure a constant amplitude of 250°. 

Superlative finishing

Our movements feature the Vallee’s traditional bevels and sharp internal corners as well as our signature «Solliat stripes», a derivation of Geneva stripes. Our bridges are inclined at three degrees to give a visual effect of cascading water, making the movement spectacular under bright light. We developed our own methods for working titanium and reproducing finishes with uncompromised quality.



Our maxim, “Heart and Mind”, evokes our approach to creation: our timepieces must move in order to create pleasure. To achieve this, study, reflection and hard work are indispensable tools. When heart and mind work in symbiosis, they trigger the desired result: a very special emotion – and a dream.

The region’s natural beauty shapes our view of the world. At Le Solliat, the surrounding meadows, forests and lake inspire calm and silence. As a tribute to this majestic nature, we use a special guilloché decoration, the “Pointe du Risoux”. Its powerful geometry, like the wind between the trees, recalls the pine tips of the eponymous forest near the village.